There are many excellent Real Estate companies in Grenada – period. However, this company has a slightly different offering, and an owner thats used to socializing with celebrities and rock stars. He’s the go to man for buying private islands, finding luxury properties and securing exclusive villa rentals. He’s met the Kennedy’s, been featured in the NY Times, and even initiated a cookbook with friend Morgan Freeman to benefit the Grenada Relief Fund… Meet the inimitable Champy Evans who is now officially a Suntanner.

C: “The name Suntanner was influenced by our surroundings – being in a Sun Tan zone – whether at work, play or lounge. Our main focus is Real Estate, but we’re also a Yacht Brokerage.”

D: “Real Estate consulting and development is what we’ve always done, finding and brokering the best properties Grenada has to offer. Suntanner also does short and long term Villa Rentals – of which we represent over a dozen high-end properties, including Laluna Estate Villas, The Calabash Villas at Amber Belair, and properties in Westerhall Point and Lance Aux Epines.”

C: “Before it was Champy Evans selling real estate, but we’ve now formed a new company “Suntanner.” David Roberts is my partner in this business and he has the same excitement that I had when I was younger. So now I can stay home when I want and build model boats if I feel like it (chuckle chuckle).”

D: “We realize that aerial views of properties always come in handy, and we’re seeing a lot of demand for this. We shoot for our own clients, as well as others who’re looking for dynamic videos or stills of their property.”

C: “We’ve invested in top class equipment for our aerial photography.”

D: “We believe in offering the best in whatever we do: The best service, the best properties, the best clients and the best photography.”

D: “I designed our website and provide about 85% of the photography on the site.”

D: “We had a lot of start up expenses, but they’ve all been paid off and we are on track to reach our projections inside year one.”

C: “My brother and I bought this property (The Old Prickly Bay Boatyard) back in the 80’s, and people kept approaching me for Real Estate. So I started using my contacts to broker properties in Lance Aux Epines back in the day when Gordon Brathwaite was alive and owner of the entire peninsula.”

C: “Throughout my professional sailing and international racing experiences all over the world I’ve made many contacts. Being a Yacht Captain I skippered boats for numerous high profile musicians and record labels. Yacht Brokerage is an area we are very interested in and we’re linked with a number of international brokers who represent some of the largest yachts in the world. In fact we’ve already sold the first boat through our brokerage. A lot of my friends are in the yachting industry and its a very good and natural fit for this company and me as a professional yachtsman. A good friend of mine is Admiral of Abramovitch’s fleet.”

D: “Grenada is one of the most expensive islands to do real estate transactions, a big part of it is cost of sale.”

C: “Investors looking for a $20-$30m home are not really ready for Grenada yet, but that will change over the coming years as Grenada is a high-end destination relative to other neighboring islands. I do see an upward trend.”

D: “In the Real Estate market it would be beneficial to abandon the Alien Property Tax entirely. At present it costs 10% to purchase and 15% to sell a property as a foreigner. If you include lawyers fees, closing costs and commissions you’re probably looking at 35% more than what you paid just to make even on your investment. It takes 2-3 months to get a sale approved, so the whole process becomes very expensive and in some cases prohibitive to buy property in Grenada. To help maintain Government revenue I’d recommend an increase in our relatively low Land & Property taxes, with a 5x rate for non nationals.”

C: “To me its obvious.. the marine and yachting industry is waiting to explode here. Yachting we should take seriously. We have more protected harbors in Grenada that anywhere else in the Southern Caribbean. With Spice Island Marine Services, Port Louis Marina, True Blue Bay, Secret Harbour, Le Phare Bleu, etc. as existing facilities.”

C: “The Kennedys have been here, Jerry Hall has holidayed here, Sport Illustrated has had their swimsuit shoots here (one on my speedboat) and a lot of very wealthy people have passed through Grenada. I’ve met many of them.. so it does not surprise me to hear of other prominent families visiting Grenada like the Rothschilds.”

Islands & Properties sold include: Calivigny Island, Sandy Island Grenada, Anse La Roche Estate in Carriacou, Prickly Bay Marina including Prickly Bay Waterside Luxury Apartments, Le Phare Bleu Resort & Marina, La Luna Resort & Villas, and most recently the Silver Sands Hotel.

D: “We probably have in excess of 200 million US$ worth of properties on our books at the moment and for small islands like Grenada and the Grenadines that is quite impressive.”

Private Islands Suntanner has available for sale: White Island off Carriacou, a pristine desert island and its neighbor to the south Saline Island, are wonderful pieces of Real Estate and some of the few remaining privately owned islands in the Grenadines still available for sale. Sandy Island Grenada and the 500 acre Isle de Ronde are also on Suntanner’s books.

C: “We also have commercial sized beach properties for sale and a premium site ideal for a Marina development with Villas, the full works. Its 31 acres of prime real estate with 8 acres of seabed rights to develop a world class marina facility. You just don’t see these types of opportunities on other islands.”

Peter “Champy” Evans and David Roberts of Suntanner can be found at / 1 473 405 8500 or 1 473 415 0298.

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